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Handling workers compensation in La Crosse

Let the office of Ronald Fitzpatrick handle your workers compensation case, or help you with your personal injury suit. We are a dedicated law office with the experience to handle complicated legal claims. Whether you were hurt on the job or had an accident on the way to the store, we can assist you in filing a suit. We offer a free initial consultation where we evaluate your unique situation and let you know what we would do to address it in court. Call our office in La Crosse today to get started by setting up an appointment to speak to an attorney about your case. We're standing by, ready to help.

Workers compensation

Workers compensation cases can be complicated. When you are taking on an employer to have them pay for your bills or medical expenses, it can be very helpful to have an experienced attorney helping you. Our office has the knowledge to walk you through the process and assist you in getting what you deserve. We handle workers comp cases all the time, and would love to represent you. Call us today for an appointment.
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Social security

If you think you may be eligible for social security compensation, we are happy to sit down with you and evaluate your circumstances. We don't ask you to pay until your claim is secured, and we will take care of filing all of the paperwork needed to make sure you get what you have coming to you. Take advantage of our free consultation to see if you qualify for social security benefits.

Personal injury

Our office handles personal injury and accident cases of all kinds, including wrongful death suits. We literally have decades worth of experience in this area. Whether your have a large or small claim that you would like to pursue, we are available to assist you. The first step is to talk to us about your current situation, so please make an appointment for a free consultation and we'll get you started.
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